Shari Smeeks


Welcome. I am Shari - the master to all this madness. I have always had my hand in the "Art" cookie jar. Art has always been near and dear to my heart. I suppose photography is just my NEWEST way to express myself in my "Art".

I stumbled into photography on August 16, 2004. I know the exact date because this was the very day my dear granddaughter was born. I totally wanted to share her with the world. I started snapping away. I have now upgraded in the 7 years of snapping from a point and shoot (Kodak DX6490). That was my very first camera and you know you never forget your first. ;) I can name every camera I have owned in this photography venture. The Nikon line has claimed my heart. I am the proud owner of the D40, D90 and my most recent purchase is the D300. I am currently learn how to operate her. I have named her Naughty Nelly!

There is no formal photography education tied into my photos. What I have learned as been learned form what I have cabbaged off of the net and from other Nikon's buddies online. What you see is me. I love to do portraits. Let me put on my 50mm or my 85mm and get up close and personal ( well not so much with the 85mm ;)). A lifestyle photographer is what I would to title myself in the in future but right now I suppose I am more of "Oh you want family photos? I don my family photo hat. You want Newborn photos? Cool, I have that hat also. Oh and you said Wedding? Ok! Let me talk to my partner Mike and away we go. Yeah. I suppose I am the Jack of all trade and semi mater of all. ;)